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At TIGI we champion the voice of the hairdresser, showcasing the craft - the CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE behind hairdressing. The TIGI Creative Team constantly update their work, redefining standards of excellence in hairdressing creativity and technical skill, driving hairdressing into an art form.

TIGI is about progression: keeping the art of hairdressing dynamic and alive. It's about recognition - of the craft, artistry and dedication that we give hairdressing. It's about celebrating the journey not the destination. Our philosophy: CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE.

Redken for MEN Color Camo


Do something about it! Redken gives you options including our New Customized Camouflage Service. Want to blend a little gray? In just 5 minutes you can look years younger. Want to blend even more gray? You’re just 10 minutes away from increased coverage and a younger look! New Customized Camouflage Services are fast, easy and discrete:


  • Reveal younger-looking haircolor in only 5 or 10 minutes
  • Customize how much gray you want to blend
  • Applied quickly and easily right in the shampoo area
  • Leaves hair with natural-looking results that fade gradually

Redken for MEN Color Camo 10 min. Camouflage Color covers up fast.! Color Camo takes gray undercover and turns back time in 10 minutes!